Debunking The Toxic Masculinity Myth

          The American Psychological Association recently released a series of guidelines for physicians who work with boys and men, in their guidelines they marked traditional masculinity as “harmful.” According to the APA, traditional masculinity ideology condones behaviors of “anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, adventure, risk, and violence.” Simply put, in an article published by the APA after the release of the Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men, “The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful.”

          A week later The Gillette Company, whose main product is razors and whose main customer base for years have been men, pre-released the commercial they plan on airing during the Super Bowl.  In it they attack traditional masculinity or as the Left, the soy boys and man haters refer to as ‘toxic masculinity’.  So in a pitch to either lose a chunk of their customer base or to shift to selling exclusively to women and beta men, they entered into the culture wars.

          Let me first explain why businesses do this.  We all should know that businesses aren’t the guardians of virtue, they do shit all the time that is cut throat, Machiavellian and often times downright hostile to people, animals, the environment and so forth.  So why openly attack your own customer base, the base that helped make your company profitable?  We know it’s not because they care, because like I just said, the boards of these companies are all about making money, this my friends was a business move.  They just didn’t telegraph that they wanted to shift away from men, they went hard to appeal to the new customers they want; women, beta males and millennials.  I assumed that they were losing the fight against the shave clubs that have popped up over the past few years, so when I dug deeper I found out that they have suffered.  From 2010 to present they have lost 17% of the market to Harry’s (BTW: they pulled a Gillette back in 2017 against men and ‘masculinity’, don’t let them fool you) and Dollar Shave Club with the percentage projected to increase.  So somewhere in a boardroom they decided to just cut their losses and go for it with women and betas in the hopes they can capture their business.  Time will tell if this strategy works but don’t ever think that the people in those ivory towers give two fucks about #metoo, women, or toxic masculinity. Sometime over the past year some research group sat them down and said, “Your share of the market space will continue to decrease so best go for a new demographic and solidify it.” Hence the idiotic commercial which demeans men and masculinity.

toxic masculinity
Debunking The Toxic Masculinity Myth

          In the degrading Gillette commercial, (which you can see here): there’s a scene where the fathers are saying, “Boys will be boys” as two young boys wrestle playfully on the ground.  There was nothing sinister or violent in these two boys just playing rough, that’s what boys do.  It’s is in their DNA.  What the Left and Feminazis are trying to do is stop eons of what nature intended.  Boys aren’t girls, they will grow up to be physically stronger, have more muscle mass and tend to assert more physical contact when dealing with conflict than women.  But let’s not think that women are not violent, acclaimed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jordan Peterson states that in personal relationships women are more physically violent than men and provides data from several studies on gender behavior to back that up.  The conventional wisdom is the opposite though and the reason for that is that law enforcement data shows men are typically arrested for domestic violence but Peterson counters that the difference lies in the damage a male can do to a female when using physical violence.  When women typically strike men, the damage isn’t as great and men tend to brush it off, but the opposite happens when a man typically strikes a woman.  Due to their increased strength, the damage can be severe or lethal.

          Women know this hence why they will call law enforcement, they respond and arrest the man.  What’s interesting in Peterson’s data is that women’s response outside of the personal relationship shifted.  Women will showcase their violence in non-physical ways through the use of manipulation, gossip, innuendo, smears and schemes.  Women do this shit all the time, and it’s no less harmful when done in a way that destroys.  For instance when a woman lies about sexual harassment or even rape.  The damage can be catastrophic and life changing.  When a claim or accusation is made in today’s world, the male is instantly treated guilty until proven innocent and in the public square their reputation is often destroyed without due process.  This is extremely harmful and violent as it tends to destroy a man’s life and when he finally defends himself and is found innocent it’s too late as the permanent damage is done.  Upwards of ten percent, not a trivial number, of false sexual assault or rape accusations are made on college campuses these days, these result in the expulsion or suspension of the male student, again without the due process.

         What is most disturbing these days is how the #metoo movement went from a legitimate and rational discussion on how women should be treated and listened to in regards to sexual misconduct, assault and rape; to all women should be believed without due process for the accused.  This is absurd and only creates a Salem witch trial scenario where women can go on a seek and destroy mission without concern of being challenged.  What I seek is justice for all, I want women to be heard, but I also don’t want our legal system to be turned on its head because some women want blood and to carry out vendettas against men.  Some women scoff at the number of false accusations as if being wrongfully accused of a heinous act is somehow forgivable.  How about we stop this pettiness and strive to ensure no one falsely accuses another while ensuring women feel safe to step forward so they can be heard?  This is not a one or the other.  I’ll finish this little tirade by saying this, boys and girls are different; but both use violence; it’s not exclusive to just boys or men.  So please stop this crusade to stop boys from wrestling and rough housing, it actually is what boys do.  If we continue to let the Left and the man haters tell young boys they are messed up or wrong, it will result in many of them not succeeding in life and ultimately making them feel insecure in their manhood.   Secondly, the natural tendency for boys to wrestle or be more physical than girls is always on display, so stop thinking that some fucking commercial or your desire to turn boys into girls will change that.  Almost every day I see my own boys 10 and 8, wrestle, fight and play rough. This is natural, as it teaches them how to deal with hostile situations that will surely come in the future.  They will need to know how to defend themselves, as they develop the skills, and the mindset to win that fight when it happens so they don’t become a helpless victim.

          Now let’s shift to the completely senseless saying that ‘violence doesn’t solve problems.  That’s complete bullshit!  Violence stopped Hitler.  I’m sorry but this knee jerk mindset that any sort of violence is wrong is wrong in itself.  That viewpoint is literally not grounded in reality.  What do police do to keep you safe?  They use violence to stop bad people.  What does our military do to keep you safe?  Use violence.  You my friends sleep peacefully at night because cops stand ready to do violence on your behalf, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.  What we have are people that take the easy or ‘virtuous’ road by stating that violence is never the way while enjoying the benefits of living peacefully because someone has done the violence on their behalf.  People are just fucking lazy and want to abdicate their responsibility of self-defense by turning it over to the government or someone else yet feel righteous and stand on soap boxes preaching.   It reminds me of the fucking celebrities or politicians that call for gun control while standing behind armed guards.  

Violence is a part of human existence, and while it might be noble to try to find ways around fighting; we must always be prepared to fight or use violence if we have to.  Having the skills but being reluctant to exercise it is nobler than ceding the ground and losing lives all for the sake of you saying you were against it.  There is no nobility or honor in being weak.  In the words of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, “Despite what your mother said, violence does solve problems.” You see, there are varying stages in a negotiation and the last stage can be violence; yep you heard it right.  Violence can be the last stage to secure what you want if you can’t strike a deal.  When we look at nation states, they negotiate but if things fail, they tend to go to war.  Violence is everywhere and I would never equip my boys to go into the world as men without the knowledge or skills to handle themselves in that arena.

          Self-defense is a natural right and everyone should agree but the Left is now making that right sound radical or dangerous.  Look at schools, if a kid is being bullied, he or she isn’t supposed to fight back.  What the hell kind of lesson is that?  We should teach our kids to stand up to bullies and that includes punching them in the mouth.  Kid’s are being taught to go tell the teacher if a bully is bullying them.  That’s literally the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.  Want your child to get his ass kicked even more, and watch his confidence dwindle?  Then please continue to tell them to tattle on a bully.  Nobody likes a rat.  Bullies despise a tattle tale and tend to attack at a more vicious level when told upon.  Bullies need to be to be handled swiftly and aggressively, that is the only way to stop them.

          When I was a boy I wanted to be a cop, firefighter, astronaut, knight.  Hell I wanted to be Batman or Superman!  And why is it that the most popular boys’ costumes on Halloween are that of superheroes?  Because it’s in our DNA to be heroic, to protect the weak, the innocent.  The hero always gets the girl.  A hero leaves a legacy long after he is gone.  We as men have a desire deep in our heart to leave a legacy for our family that outlives us.  It is in our very nature as boys to desperately want to become a man.  To do manly things.  Box, wrestle, shoot guns, race cars, etc… Today’s boys are being indoctrinated by a society that is screaming at them that being manly is a bad thing, that is not the answer and will in fact create a population of pussified men, which we see growing daily all over our country.

          At my kids school just last year my ex-wife and I were called into have a meeting about my oldest son Jayce, who was nine at the time, about a problem.  I remember the day well, as I picked him up from school he looked sad.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he stood up to an older kid at recess for cheating in a game of dodge ball.  According to Jayce he hit this older kid with the ball but the boy refused to go out.  Jayce confronted him and got so irritated that he took a rubber ball and punched it across the playground.  He didn’t punch anyone or cause any physical harm.  A nearby teacher saw him do this and was sent to the office for showing too much aggression.  I figured there had to be more to the story so I waited to pass judgement.  The next day, my ex-wife and I sat down with the teacher and the school counselor.  They relayed the story word for word that Jayce had told me.  I was dumbfounded.  I asked, “So Jayce was in trouble for calling out another boy’s cheating?”  The teacher said she was concerned at the level of Jayce’s aggression in hitting the rubber ball.  I defended Jayce and with a slight tone of annoyance stated, “I’m actually proud of Jayce.  He was trying to call out a cheater.  I am teaching my boys to confront cheaters, liars, and bullies.  And if aggression is warranted, or a bully is picking on them or on others, I have given them both permission to punch the bully in the mouth.  I’m not teaching my boys to be soft.  I’m teaching them to be tough, confident leaders who stand up for themselves, and stand up against bullies.  I finished that meeting by telling them that they had wasted mine and my ex-wife’s time by calling us in for bullshit.  I told them, and I quote, “Jayce will not get in trouble by me nor should he.”  The look on their faces was priceless as I stormed out.

          Conformity to fascistic, immoral rules or laws is the pathway to slavery and I won’t allow my boys to do that or be prisoners to the far Left and their identity politics.  I don’t teach my boys rules as much as I teach them values and believe me, they’re different.  A rule is grounded in time, place and can sometimes be created on a whim; a value is timeless and is grounded in a deep seeded belief that never goes out of style…unless you’re a fucking Leftist commie, soy boy man-hater.  In a nutshell, in order to stop bad violent people, good people must be trained in the art of violence, period and we must teach and train our children accordingly.

          Going back to that bullshit man-bashing commercial from Gillette. What’s disturbing is it paints a broad brush about masculinity as if it’s a bad thing.  Well ladies and betas, masculinity won us our independence from an imperial king in England, it ended slavery, it defeated the Germans twice, it destroyed fascism, it crushed communism and has spread peace and prosperity throughout the world.  Masculinity isn’t the problem, it’s just people and their value systems.  It’s not men being tough or boys wrestling that’s the issue, it’s how we are taught to value other people, is the issue.  What we need to have from men isn’t a feminized beta soy boy, but a chivalrous man; men that live by a code to protect, to honor, to stand up to bigotry, intolerance, to stand up for justice and liberty.  Chivalrous men are tough, strong, trained in the art of fighting but don’t use it to dominate but to protect and to shield the weaker of our society.  When you attack masculinity you tell boys they can’t be who they are, what we need to be doing is giving them values, not rules; those are different.  We need to teach values.  For instance I hardly ever see young boys or hell even men hold a door open for a lady.  I see this daily and it pisses me off.  We should be teaching our boys how to treat a lady.  And that is with respect and dignity, they are to be cherished and honored.  After saying that some of the Feminazis will go wild, they will say that girls don’t need boys to do x,y or z; that they’re capable of doing it all by themselves.  Know what?  That’s true.  What I’m saying is we so honor you, we want to serve.  We would lay down all our worldly possessions for you, including our lives.  This is what boys should be taught, we shouldn’t say to them that their natural tendencies to do battle is wrong, but to channel them to know who they do battle against, because there are a slim minority of men that are real pieces of shit.  They are rapists, child molesters, wife beaters, murderers, power driven douche bags.  These monsters don’t speak for the vast majority of the male population.

          For many men in the world, providing and protecting are our main life aspirations.  This gives us purpose, and we’ll continue to serve with love and strength when we feel appreciated, loved, wanted and accepted as we are in return.  Attacking all of us for the acts of the few is irresponsible and will only continue to make things worse.

          Over the past two weeks it has been apparent that the liberal media is hell bent on destroying our manhood, turning us all into emotionally soft castrated lions.  This attack isn’t new, this is all part of a wider campaign by the Left to ultimately destroy our culture and like I’ve said before, replace it with some sort of Venezuelan socialist utopia.  Why do they not want men to fight?  Because it’s easier to conquer a people who don’t stand up for themselves.  Why do they wish to disarm us?  See above.  You see, they wish to establish a new system, to do away with the rugged individual that gave us our liberty and make us slaves to the new elite who will shower us with entertainment and other forms of gluttony.  Yeah, I’m sure you’re asking, “Sounds like a conspiracy theory, show me the facts they are trying to destroy our culture?” Here’s some facts.  Thousands of babies are murdered daily.  Young boys are being indoctrinated into the world of drag.  There are attacks on stay at home moms, attacks on our system of government, marginalizing free speech, hell most of the bill of rights and now a massive assault on masculinity and the nuclear family.  But the biggest attacks the left has yet to achieve are no doubt their most important. The destruction of Christianity and  annihilation of capitalism as they attempt to turn our country into a socialist society of Godless heathens.  We can only hope and pray they never achieve their sinister goals.

          If you’re living in this wealthy nation then you’re lucky and it didn’t become this way in a vacuum, all those things the Left rails against are the opposite of what made it what it is.  This is what happens to a society fat and happy, when there are no barbarians at the gate to stop, we find ways to fuck shit up so we can fix it.  There’s a saying I read in a book by G. Michael Hopf; “tough times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men and weak men create tough times.” It’s as if life is cyclical.  Do you honestly think we could field an army now to defeat Nazi Germany or a force like that? Hell no. We have segments of society that aren’t sure what bathroom to use.  We are now actively teaching men not to be men, not to be strong.  Yes, I get the whole argument that physical strength isn’t all it takes to be a man, while I agree, why not have both?  Why not be strong in mind, body, and spirit while also being emotionally equipped to be a husband and father.  Men can still be tough, strong and be vulnerable to their wife and children.  Don’t buy this bullshit that in order to be a man you must destroy all attributes that make you a man. That is total bullshit tossed around by women who hate men, and beta men who don’t want the responsibilities of being a real man.  You know how I know all this shit, and why I’m so passionate about this subject?  Because for a short time of my life I was a beta male.  I hate to even admit that, but fuck it this needs to be told because there are so many beta males out there that need saving!

          When I was in the Major Leagues I had the utmost confidence in my abilities, my strength, my mind, and myself.  I was an alpha male who went out there on a daily basis with 24 other comrades all sharing a passionate purpose fighting a daily war against the other team.  Men need competition, a fight to be had, a team to lead, and a family to provide and protect.  It’s in our God given DNA to be warriors, competitors, leaders.  I was blessed to be a Major Leaguer, and that blessing gave me all those things, and the ability to provide protect and lead my family.  I walked into my home every day with the utmost confidence that my family loved, cherished, and respected me because I loved myself. I loved who I was as a man.

          Then I retired from baseball as I struggled mightily for several years finding confidence, passion, identity, happiness, and purpose in my life.  I became severely depressed with crippling anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.  My struggles made it hard for me to hold on to my marriage effectively ending it.  Looking back now during those difficult years I learned valuable lessons and came to a sobering realization.  I discovered women aren’t attracted to a beta man.  Women by their very nature want a man who is strong, confident, supportive, and secure in who he is. They want a man who can lead them and the family he provides for.  They don’t want a conformed man who they can push around and tell what to do.  And that’s who I became during that suicidal time of my life.  A beta male.  It’s no wonder I was unhappy, passionless, depressed, anxious, and suicidal.  I now realize that my time as a beta male was toxic to my heart and soul.  I was living a lie as I struggled to keep my masculine energy at bay.  Why did I do this you ask?  Because I had listened to what the world says a man should be and what it says a woman wants.  And it almost destroyed me. You know there really is such a thing as “Toxic Masculinity,” and it’s found in the traits of a beta man.  I was lucky I came to that realization, enabling me to make the transition back to my authentic masculine self otherwise I would still be trapped in a system of worldly control.  Men aren’t women.  We want to hunt, provide, have a battle to fight, and a family to protect.  If we don’t have those things we feel dead inside and that’s what the Left is trying to do to us men; take away our fight or essentially our balls.

            Just so you don’t think I’m being some macho male sexist pig for saying all this I would love to share with you a real woman’s point of view.  In an article for the Daily Wire, Allie Stuckey writes:

           “When you try to make men more like women, you don’t get less ‘toxic masculinity,’ you get more.  Why? Aggression, violence, and unbridled ambition can’t be eliminated from the male psyche; they can only be harnessed. And when they are harnessed, they are tools for good, not for harm.”

           “The same masculine traits that bring destruction also defeat tyranny. The traits that foster greed also build economies. The traits that drive men to take foolish risks also drive men to take heroic risks.”

           “The growing problem in today’s society isn’t that men are too masculine; it’s that they’re not masculine enough. When men embrace their masculinity in a way that is healthy and productive, they are leaders, warriors and heroes. When they deny their masculinity, they run away from responsibilities, leaving destruction and despair in their wake.”

           “It’s not masculinity that’s toxic. It’s the lack of it.”

          Thanks to my deep realization I was fortunate enough to find my manhood again.  But what will happen to those countless men who think they need to conform?  Their lives will only become worse off, not better.  They aren’t being their true selves, they will be living a lie so that a few can feel empowered when in truth they’re not.  Look at all the women nowadays crying out, “Where have all the real men gone?”  Well ladies, you have to thank your feminist sisters for that.  In their pursuit for dominance they have scared off many real men leaving you the betas to pick over. What’s also so sad and it started in 2012 was this attack on toxic femininity, yes you read it right.  Do you remember when the Left was attacking women who were stay at home moms?  They claimed real women didn’t stay at home with children but went to work and held down a job.  They didn’t rely on a man for anything.  That assault backfired, but they will try again once they’ve proven they can take down men.  But we’re on to them, it won’t work; I promise you, it won’t.  We need to stand up to these Leftist bullies, their media bullhorn and now some of their corporate donors like Gillette, Harry’s and Proctor and Gamble etc.  It’s up to us to show what a chivalrous man is, it’s up to us to take the torch of masculinity, hold it up high and declare that we are men, we are strong, we like to play rough, we like to drink beer, talk shit and sometimes we like to fight; but we will always defend and be honorable; we will stand up for the weak, destroy the oppressors and maintain peace through strength.

God bless all of you masculine men!