Aubrey Lewis Huff III is a former Major League Baseball player.  A veteran of 13 seasons, Huff played for the Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, and finished off his career having won two World Series Championships with the San Francisco Giants in 2010 and 2012.  Huff retired in 2012 with a career average of .278 with 242 home runs, and 904 RBIs.   

Although he was born in Marion, Ohio, Huff grew up in Mineral Wells, Texas. When he was six years old, his father, Aubrey Huff Jr. was killed as he was an innocent bystander in a domestic dispute while working as an electrician. That left Huff’s mother, Fonda, in charge of raising him and his sister, Angela. Growing up, Huff regularly practiced baseball in his yard, which had a batting cage with lights and a pitching machine. He said, “My mother bought it more to keep me out of trouble.” Huff grew up rooting for the Texas Rangers and frequently attended their games. One of his favorite players was Nolan Ryan.

Aubrey considers his most important role in life is being the best father possible to his two boys, Jayce and Jagger.  Aubrey had a hard time growing up without a father and has dedicated his life to the growth of his boys. He is active in all aspects of their lives, including coaching their sports teams. Huff also is very passionate about people and their mental and physical wellbeing, and he speaks across the country about his journey in the Major Leagues and the struggles in his life.  His many struggles included alcoholism, drug use, anxiety, depression, overcoming demons, and finding purpose in his life.  Huff wrote an autobiography called “Baseball Junkie” that goes into detail the struggles that he faced in his life.

Aubrey enjoys health and wellness.  A self-proclaimed fitness buff, Huff swears he’s in better shape now than when he played baseball.  He also loves to paint large superhero acrylic paintings in his spare time. 

Huff has been drug free since 2012 and is currently living in Solana Beach, California with his two sons.