Aubrey Huff was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in 1998.  He won two World Series titles with the San Francisco Giants.  Huff also finished in the top 25 of MVP voting twice in his career, was a first team All American during his sophomore and junior years at the University of Miami, and was inducted into the University of Miami Hall of fame in 2009.  

Throughout his career Huff was always looked upon as the team leader and an inspirational figure. He is known for his old school mentality and work ethic on the field.  Aubrey’s ability to connect with each individual teammate to get the very best out of them was one of his greatest attributes.  Huff was the MVP in 2003 and 2004 for the Tampa Bay Rays.  Aubrey also won the American League Silver Slugger award for Designated Hitter and the team MVP for the Baltimore Orioles in 2008.  

Aubrey Huff is an active speaker for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  Aubrey also speaks to youth sports teams, junior highs, high schools, colleges, pro sports teams, church functions, and business conferences.  Aubrey has a wide range of topics.  He specializes in motivational speaking, as he shares his experiences in life and baseball.  His most common subject matters are focused around, leadership, teamwork, hard work, commitment, visualization, and the power of faith.  These are the traits that helped make him succeed during his 13-year big league career.  Aubrey also has had many hardships and trials he’s fought to overcome in his life.  His father was tragically murdered when he was only six years old.  He overcame a battle with alcohol and drug abuse.  He also had a crippling period with unbearable depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.  Through his speaking, Aubrey is honest, transparent, and heartfelt to help people who suffer from these terrible diseases.  Aubrey’s range of topics is vast and can speak in any arena to fill your need.  

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