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Brad Jerome

Proud of you!


Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Although I wasn’t a skeptic I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Reading your experience only validates mine! I love it!

Joie Rucker

Crazy Excellence! I cried when I read this! You are a talented writer; I really felt your experience and heart coming through. I was at the event with you and had a similar experience. For me, practice and incorporation of all of the tools we learned is my focus. Truly having fun with the process. Yesterday I had my entire team at work shaking their asses!!
Thanks for taking the time and honesty to post. 💗 Keep Writing!!!!🔥

Edith FAbiola Sanabria

Gracias Aubrey por compartir tan bella experiencia.
Comparto que eres un total escritor y tienes mucha fuerza y pasión en tu relato.

Mi experiencia fue también muy enriquecedora y la palabra Amor también entró en acción.
Un abrazo

Tu McLendon

Aubrey, this is so awesome. I was at that same event and I am so happy that you had your breakthrough. It was my first Tony Robbins event, even though, I have read his books and listened to his podcasts for years. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived and I did think it was a bit crazy at first all the jumping, screaming at the top of our lungs, and all the high fives to strangers. I told myself that I would give it a try. The biggest gift from that weekend was the connection to… Read more »

Wow! You nailed it. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. The best is yet to come.

Christopher Pavia

Aubrey, That was an excellent description of the experience we all shared at UPW LA! You are a very talented writer. It was my first Tony Robbins event also and walking into it, I was just a lame accountant wondering what in my life I could possibly accomplish to become “significant.” But I walked out of there knowing that I didn’t need to accomplish some great feat, I just needed to be the BEST EFFING DAD that a kid could ever ask for, the BEST EFFING HUSBAND a wife could have, and share the same LOVE and PASSION for life… Read more »

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