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Ana Santos

??I applaud your articulation, Aubrey, after reading your first installment.Anytime you can express yourself thoughtfully, introspectively, transparently – in Proper English, is a testament of your upbringing, education, & past experiences. I’ve always known you as an honest talker, but now I see a more sensitive, self realization. And by the way, the swear words don’t offend me – I’m a decades-long listener of the Mr. Stern show;). I appreciate other points of view, and enjoy challenging conversation-because how can we begin to understandeach other if we won’t listen (?). You brought up a lot of good points in the… Read more »

Chad carr

Keep them coming I am enjoying hearing from someone else how I feel about life. Thank you


Good stuff…keep it coming brother! It’s like the vagina monologues for guys without vaginas! ?


Good stuff. Divorced in 2018. Walking down the same road myself